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The Contrarian Group is an independent investor forum serving individual investors. We act as a meeting place for inestors looking for direct investment methods.  The financial services industry is saturated with people whose job function is primarily marketing and sales.  Complicated financial products impose further layers of cost and confusion between the investor and the investment  The Contrarian Group allows the investor to make  investment with minimal costs and institutional bias  by eliminating  marketing layers and resulting in full transactional transparency.

Active Trading 

     We educate  investors on funds placement to allow investors  to maintain complete control,  with full transparency, over transactions in their account.   The investor can trade for himself or we can introduce a trading professional whose activities are successful in current market conditions.  These traders work directly for the investor and not for a financial institution.   We will help the investor understand the performance and risk profile of the trading professional.  If the performance is not satisfactory The Contrarian Group will introduce alternative trading options.   [Read More]

Real Estate Development 

     Everyone knows that there is tremoundous growth in real property.  Especially if you are in on the development side.  But how does the investor get in on the profits?  [Read More]

Angel Investing

Angel investing capital fills the gap between "friends and family" investing and venture capital. Although it is difficult to raise more than a few hundred thousand dollars from friends and family, most traditional venture capital funds are usually not able to consider investments for under US$1-2 million. [Read More]

Active Trading


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